Fabiana Yvonne Lugli
Fabiana Yvonne Lugli Martinez is an Italian painter who, at only 27 years old, is one of the most recent and interesting heirs of historic Surrealism. She was born in Lima in 1973, of a Peruvian mother and a father of Austrian origins; this simple accident of birth is in itself stimulating for its symbolic implications.
She graduated from “I Liceo Artistico” in Roma and then she studied at “Accademia di Belle Arti” in Roma, where she developed the unique technique that we see and appreciate today.

Since 1995, Fabiana has exhibited her work in Roma, Milano, Palermo, Porto Rotondo, Modena, Rimini, Vicenza, Berlin and now in New York. Her work has been acquired by the Vatican City where she was working for “Il Centro Spirituale dello Spirito Santo”.

In her dreamlike visions, the artist introduces us to a “new world” where the physical and the spiritual interpenetrate alchemically. In these works of a rare beauty, dream becomes concrete narration thanks to the interrelation of the two elements.

The poetic force and strong, unusual presence of messages in Martinez’ work are without equal. The fascination of her narration of a single dream through infinite images, derives from the artist’ gift of being able to restore a sense of magic to her “divination”. The artist leads the visitor along poetic pathways. Each of her “landscapes” is that of a dreamer and every one of her figural compositions is an enigma with different levels of interpretation. One has to approach her paintings with humility, treading softly so as not to awaken the invisible souls sleeping among the flowers and the gigantic leaves.

The ascendancy of this artist and the power of her palette clearly do not derive from Dada‘s nihilism, but rather from the love of the invisible that becomes visible through the surreal dream of Max Ernst and Yves Tanguy. As in these historic masters of the Movement, so in Martinez’ work are there explosions of colour, form and a gentle yet aggressive fluidity of pure tones, applied to the canvas with superb mastery.

The paintings, or rather the dreams, of Martinez are strong and refined pages of a diary on canvas, endowed with a natural beauty and elegance; beautiful and elegant are her huge insects, her mysterious flowers, her crystals and distant fiery skies.

One is convinced that Martinez is both a participant in and an onlooker of her pictures.

The material of dreams is thus reworked by Martinez with the formal elegance of an artistic culture that has been perfectly acquired. However, in perfect reciprocity, the nature of her dreams, their roots steeped in her own cultural ubiquity, are also able to skilfully reinterpret the experience gleaned from the well-established galleries of Europe.

Turin, February 2000

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